Matatu’s Banned from Using Expressway

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Transport and Infrastructure CS James Macharia has temporarily banned matatus on the Nairobi Expressway.

In a statement on Wednesday, Transport CS James Maria said the government will Install rumble strips.

He also capped speed limits to 110km/h.

“This is to warn drivers to slow down as they approach the various toll gates,” he said.

“Enforcement of speed limits. The maximum speed limit on all public roads in Kenya is 110km/h”

Macharia said speed cameras have also been introduced in the expressway to curb speeding.

He said the Nairobi Expressway is clearly marked with the speed limits that are applicable to its various sections.

“All motorists are required by law to adhere to the stipulated speed limits. We have installed speed cameras to enhance the enforcement of speed limits,” he said.

This follows recent accidents involving the matatus on the highway.