I’m content at Wangamati’s camp, former DG tells off critics

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The first Bungoma Deputy Governor Hillary Chongwony  has condemned the act of being talked about at Kenya Kwanza rallies especially by some of the dignitaries who were eyeing running mate position for Lusaka.

Speaking at a fundraiser in Kapsokwony Mt.Elgon, Chongwony says that he had moved on and fully defected to Wangamati’s camp wholeheartedly to ensure his dreams for the Sabaots materializes.

“I couldn’t allow my great vision for the mountain to die so when Lusaka tactfully lied to me, I found consolation at governor’s arms; he approached me and after realizing we have the same ideologies we merged,” Chongwony revealed.

Also in attendance at the event was Mokin Ptang’uny (who was among the favourites for Lusaka running mate position), David Maling’a, John Shikuku and the DG designate Jennifer Mbatiany.

While addressing the congregation, Mokin said that they had all taken an oath not to leave Lusaka regardless of of his decision pertaining DG position.

“Chongwony went against the oath we took to accept our boss’ decision without anyone defecting if they are not picked,” he stated.

Chongwony in his defence criticized Mokin’s sentiments stating that in two instances they had had a meeting with Lusaka and unanimously agreed to give back the position to him.

“It is not right to mislead the public that we took any oath not to leave, in our two meetings with former governor, the only one absent was David Maling’a and I was personally contacted by Lusaka to prepare my acceptance speech then he later short-changed me on the eve of the ceremony,” former principal lamented.

He further reprehended members of his former camp challenging them to focus on their agenda since he is no longer interested in their stratagem whatsoever.

“I am gratified in Wangamati’s team and I’m certain Mt.Elgon has a new dawn under his wings, ni job tu si story,”Chongwony articulated their campaign slogan.