Mistakes You Make When Cooking Eggs

Frying Egg in a Cooking Pan in Domestic Kitchen

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Eggs are loved by many people but many mistakes are made when preparing them and not getting the best. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), eggs are one of the best foods one can have to start their day.

The health benefits of eggs involve making the bones stronger, building muscles, lowering instances of inflammation in different parts of the body and providing lots of proteins.

Eggs can be prepared in different ways but if not done perfectly they can be very bad for your taste buds.

When preparing boiled eggs, the mistakes that most people make is that they sometimes boil cracked eggs, failing to salt the water before beginning to boil, peeling the eggs when they have become cold and boiling them in a shallow sufuria.

Practicing those may deny you the best results from your eggs. 

Another common mistake that people make is adding tomatoes and onions before frying the eggs in hot oil fast.

Adding the beaten eggs to the tomato paste can have you preparing eggs that are not properly cooked.

People who do not first fry their eggs in hot oil before adding the tomatoes, onions and other ingredients usually end up eating raw eggs.

Failing to fry the eggs correctly can expose you to bacteria that can make you sick. It is advisable that you melt your fat before adding your eggs. 

Besides that, some people also end up spoiling their omelettes by failing to follow the right procedures. You should not load your omelette with tons of ingredients like you do your fried eggs.