‘Ata muite my unborn child Ng’ombe, ni Wangu’ angry Vera rants

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The pregnancy of Vera Sidika has been faced with a lot of disbelief and controversies. This has especially come from her fans.

A section of her them have been questioning whether she really wanted to get pregnant for Brown Mauzo or it was just a mistake.

The socialite has been receiving a lot of hate, and all she can do is to laugh it off.

The mother-to-be has exposed a fan who insulted her unborn baby, calling her a ‘cow.’

She wrote;

“Lucifer has entered chat. Ata muite my unborn child Ng’ombe, ni Wangu. Nothing will ever change that. Blocked.”

She told the haters that she is unbothered with their mean comments, and continues to live a better life than them.

She says she has received the worst compliments, with some wishing that her unborn baby dies in the hospital.

This, she says, does not shake her because God is in control.

“I don’t blame them, haters, life is hard. They have to take their frustrations out on someone,” she wrote.

The mother-to-be is currently on a baby moon vacation at the coast with her husband Brown Mauzo.