5 Best Things Guys Like To Hear From Their Girlfriends 


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The key to any healthy relationship is open communication. You should always make your partner feel loved by constantly expressing your emotions. A great way to keep the fire burning in relationships is through compliments. The more you make your partner feel good about himself, the more effort he’ll put into the relationship. 

Men love receiving praise from their women, so strive to make yours happy. He’ll be proud to be with you if you feed his ego in the best possible way. Take a look at these twenty-nine things guys like to hear from their girlfriends to know how to make your boyfriend admire you and feel like a king.

1. I love you

This first phrase is one common thing many guys like to hear from their girlfriends. This might be a common one, but it tops the list of things guys like to hear from their girlfriends. They might feel the affection in the relationship, but subtly still need constant reassurance. They want to know that your feelings haven’t changed, and you’re still head over heels for them.

Regularly mentioning how much you love your partner is key to sustaining the bond between the two of you. It’s easy for couples to forget this factor, or sometimes, say it without meaning it. Imbibing it into your everyday activities is key to making things work. Your partner will sense your compassion towards him, and it will make a big difference.

2. You make me laugh

Who doesn’t want to laugh? In relationships, guys immensely strive to impress their ladies. They feel a sense of accomplishment knowing they can make a woman happy. Telling your partner that he makes you laugh is critical. It affirms that he’s doing a great job, which will push him to do more. More so, it will make him feel like he holds a special place in your life.


It’s crucial to be honest when you make this statement. You might feel guilty if your partner finds out you’re bluffing. You shouldn’t tell a lie about your partner making you laugh merely to make him feel good. If he’s not particularly funny, you can always rephrase the sentence to, “You make me happy.”

3. I believe in you

The pressure to become something is particularly heavy on men. They want to feel valued by the female gender, which is why they strive to make several accomplishments. If they can’t achieve their goals or visions, it’s easy for them to become frustrated and disappointed. Therefore, telling your partner that you believe in him will encourage him to keep pushing.

If he’s trying his best to impress you, your compliment will make him feel supported and inspire him to do better. He’ll feel a sense of hope and courage to tackle his setbacks and challenges. More so, this process will amplify the union between the both of you. The mere fact that you acknowledge his efforts will give him a sense of importance in your life. 

4. You have beautiful eyes

The best set of compliments to give guys pertains to their physical features. From their facial features or body structures, they undoubtedly love to hear that they look good. Saying it to a significant other strikes an even better chord. You’re indirectly stating your attraction for him and building a stronger connection in the relationship. 

Physical attraction is an essential factor for guys. When a male finds out that a female finds him attractive, he’ll feel special to her. Apart from complimenting your partner’s eyes, you can talk about his physique down to the littlest things you can notice about his body. Tell him he has beautiful hair, nice feet, a dashing jawline, etc.

5. You look handsome

Paying attention to your partner’s appearance is a great confidence booster on their part. It’s also the key to building a happy relationship. Since your partner wants your attention more than anything else, you have to tend to his desires in the littlest ways. Mentioning how handsome he looks or complimenting his great features will brighten his day more than you expect.