Top Rules of Dating Someone’s Husband

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Dating a married man can be complex. The connection might feel simple initially, but it eventually puts several lives at stake. The story begins like a usual attraction where you see each other and feel attracted.

Then, you two bond over dinner, lunch, or coffee and start a casual friendship that gradually buds into a relationship. Finally, you two feel inseparable but not happy because you know the relationship has no future as he is married.

Having a crush on married men is quite common. However, rushing into a relationship is often a roller coaster of emotions where you risk hurting yourself and complicating the lives of the people around you.

The tension in the relationships can sometimes turn so severe that it may have adverse consequences for you.

Here are top Secrets of dating a married man:

  1. Never take photos with him.
  2. If you called and he hangs up, don’t call him back, the wife is around.
  3. Don’t text him love messages.
  4. Satan should not tempt you to sleep at his house even when his wife is out of the country.
  5. Never book the same lodging every time you go for ahhhhh! Eeeeeeh! Ooooohhh,uuuuuh!
  6. Do not involve your friends or his friends in your relationship.
  7. If he calls you, receive but don’t answer fast. Maybe his wife is the one calling trying to find out, let him talk first.
  8. Don’t call him my everything, he is borrowed.
  9. If you find yourself at his place, just lift the dress or lower the trousers halfway during twa twa.Don’t remove everything. In case things go wrong and you need to activate temple run.