Signs That It’s Time To Breakup and Move On For Good

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Breaking up is never an easy thing to do.

Sometimes the signs are clear cut, and other times, it’s a gut feeling that we’ve been trying to ignore for months (and sometimes even years). Even when you’ve decided to end the relationship, it’s a lot easier said than done. So we continue to stay.

The decision to break up is never straightforward. We bring our own own histories and attachment styles into each relationship so the reason why we need to break up and when to do so is person-dependent.

If you’ve been considering a breakup but don’t know how to clear assess the signs to do so, here are a few indicators that let you know it’s time to walk away — once and for all.

 01. You’ve Grown Apart

If you feel the love is fading, know that it can be natural for lovers to drift apart. There’s nothing that says we have to be the same person that we were yesterday, a year ago, or even 10 years ago.

It’s the relationships that stand the test of time that are the ones that grow together.

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If you’ve assessed all of the indicators above, and you get to this final factor, it’s time to say goodbye to your current relationship, girl. Something better is out there for you.

02. You’re Being Physically Or Mentally Abused

Abuse is never okay.

And as ladies, we need to treat this as an automatic deal breaker.

Because more than likely, if it will happen once, it will happen again. “No one should stay in a relationship in which he or she is being abused verbally, emotionally, financially or physically,” says Isaac.

Exit this relationship safely and seek the support of other survivors, family, trusted friends and even a therapist.

03. You Compromise Your Values

Your integrity and your values embody who you are as an individual. And once these are compromised, know that it’s a clear red flag that it’s time to go.

When your values start becoming compromised for the sake of “being in a relationship” it’s time to reassess and affirm your worth outside of that relationship. Neither party in a relationship should lose the essence of who they are as individuals.

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It’s important to note that relationships are meant to uplift and evolve us rather than diminish and destroy us. If you are feeling more criticized than celebrated in your relationship, it’s time for you to reassess and consider this to a be a sign to let it go.

04. You Don’t Want To Have Sex With Your Partner

Sex is not everything, but it’s definitely a whole lot in a relationship. If you’ve checked out sexually, that could mean that something is wrong — either physically or mentally.

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If you’re feelings towards your partner are the result, that’s a clear sign that things aren’t going down the right path.

05. You No Longer Care

The opposite of love? Indifference. And once you’ve gotten to the point of no longer caring — about your partner, the relationship, or even yourself, it’s time to go. In the words of Ariana Grande, “thank you, next.”