Size 8 and DJ Mo Terminate Pregancy

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Musician Size 8 and Dj Mo have made a bold decision to undergo a procedure to terminate their unborn baby.

In a video posted on their YouTube channel, the couple revealed that size 8 experienced some complications and was rushed to hospital for check-up which led to an emergency operation.

The two today went to their Instagram page to thank God and the doctors for saving the life of size 8 although her baby did not survive.

“Jehovah my God My Father through Jesus Christ I am greatful for life!! I would have died but you choose to save me. Though my little baby didn’t make it I know she is well in your hands!!! My dear @djmokenya we are victorious!To Dr. Nyamu and the team @komarockmodern it was a very dangerous critical emergency operation Coz of high blood pressure but by God’s grace you managed to keep me alive may God forever bless you and increase you!!” size 8 wrote.

Dj Mo on the other had also confirmed that the story of them losing their third child to be true.

“We have plans , But God has even better plans …as you have seen on YouTube ,Yes it happened , God gives & takes .It’s been around 5 months fighting with crazy Temperatures that hit 213 , emergency operation,” Dj mo wrote.

The mother of two said that the third pregnancy was unplanned for and that she was not ready to get pregnant because she struggled through her first two pregnancies.