Why Samsung Galaxy is Performing Well in The Kenyan Market

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The drive for high-performance smartphones is on the rise in Kenya going by the trend that has been witnessed in recent days.

As Samsung Electronics says true innovations don’t just evolve with the world – they help shape it.

To create the devices that push us ahead, rewrite the future and bring light to the dark, we must continue to break the rules of what is possible with a smartphone.

Ahead of the 2022 edition of the Unpacked in February We interviewed Chandni Verma the Marketing Manager, Integrated Mobile Division at Samsung Electronics to give us a view of what to expect this year.

With the S series launch every year now becoming one of the greatest technology events anticipated worldwide we give you exactly what to expect in the new Samsung S22.

The next generation of Galaxy S is here, bringing together the greatest experiences of our Samsung Galaxy into one ultimate device as Verma explains.

  1. The S22 range launch date has just been announced, based on how S21 range performed in Kenya what do you expect from the market for S22?

The S21series did really well for Kenya so we expect nothing less from the new line up that will be unveiled on the 9th of February 2022. As Samsung we bring new innovation and inventions to the market to consistently meet the changing demands of our consumers.

  1. Samsung has been named among the top-selling smartphone brands in Africa in 2021, what is your secret? Should we expect the same in 2022?

Our secret is to listen to what the market demands. Its placing our consumers’ needs before anything else. Smartphones are now a way of life and listening to what makes this process simple and easy for our customers is what we give back to the R&D teams. Hence a product that is tailored to their needs and asks. In 2022 we expect to grow even more while maintaining the quality and brand assurance to the market.

  1. How does the Kenyan market compare to other African countries in smartphone purchase trends?

 Kenyans are a lot of tech savvy in terms of what they want from their devices. We have made sure that transfers to the technology and app partnerships that we have to ensure that the consumer experience is seamless.

  1. What Trend Should we look out for in the smartphone market in 2022?

A lot of 5G capable devices is one trend that a lot of us are watching out for. With the roll out of 5G in Kenya the smartphone dynamic will change significantly especially when it comes to internet consumption. Also faster processors, refresh rates with dynamic display and resolution is something to look out for in 2022.

  1. What can Kenyans look forward to from the Samsung brand especially focusing on smartphones?

Consistency while maintaining a global standard. We conquered foldable devices while breaking all traditional norms of device capabilities and look forward to more cutting edge technology in the coming year.