Here’s Your Program Guide for All the Soap Opera’s in Zee World

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Zee World Weekly Highlights 31st January – 6th February 2022

My Heart Knows

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Malhar is determined to expose Atharva in front of Athul. Madam is determined to destroy Malhar’s life as she makes her next big move. Kalyani tells Malhar the truth about medicine. The walls are closing in on Atharva and his biggest secret is about to be uncovered. Kalyani exposes Atharva scheming ways in front of the entire family. Atharva uses Anupriya as a bargaining chip to marry Kalyani and Kalyani has a difficult choice to make.

These Streets

Shalin and Krishi start off their relationship on a  a bad start, Shalini set house rules that should be followed by both adults and kids. Krishi expesses her happines that she has re-united with her father. Shantunu is willing to do everything in his powers to win over the love of his life.Shalin books a honeymoon for Vikram and Asmita. Krishi gives Shantunu a letter sent by Asmita to Vikram.

I Do

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Everyday @ 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Ayan celebrate Asad’s engagement to Zoya and comes to visit Asad with his sisters. Tanveer tricks Asad into committing a crime. Ayan is targeted for Humeira’s disappeance and Humeira’s father is ready to settle the score if his daughter is not found soon. Asad is disappoint after his girlfriend Zoya goes missing once again and this time he can’t hide his pain and breaks down in infront of his mother. Zoya regrets her decision of leaving Asad before knowing all the facts.

Twist of Fate

Everyday @ 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Life would be easier if we believed our destinies had been decided already.  As they say, fate leads the willing and drags along the unwilling.  In this new season of Twist of Fate, we follow the lives Abhi and Pragya as it seems they can never escape fate and run away from the love that binds them. What twists and turns will this season bring for our favourite couple as tragedy strikes and Abhi has to fight for his life with Pragya by his side. Join in to find out if Pragya manages to save him this time around?

Once there was a King

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Everyday @ 22h00 | Zee World Channel 166

As Indravadan and Avdesh play on, the stakes get higher. Amerkot’s future falls on wrong and dangerous hands. Indravadan throws Avdesh  out of the palace only for the Queen mother to save him once more. The Queen Mother allows Avdesh to stay at the palace and Rageshwari asks Gayatri to test his love for her. Avdesh is challenged to prove his love for Gayatri in a test. Sartaj shares Jajmata’s secret with Avdesh. The New year celebrations take place in a grand manner and Survi elopes with Kartik.