What to do when your child opens up that he or she is gay, Lesbian

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 Education CS George Magoha said learners should join day schools near their homes instead of boarding schools.

His announcement divided Kenyans right in the middle; while others termed the moved as utter discrimination and others endorsed it.

The CS acknowledging the existence of gay students is commendable.

The constitution of Kenya,in Article 53,1b states that every child has a right to free and basic education.

Whether the student is in a day school or a boarding he or she will still be undergoing the same education system.

As a parent what would you do when your child opens up and tells you he or she is gay?

Homosexuality is illegal in this country.

Most parents would reel in shock if their daughter or son would open up to them that they’re queer.

Most queer youths  have been disowned, rejected and chased away by their parents.

Is this is always the solution to “Curing” Gay-ism and lesbianism? Homosexuality is not a disease, a cult and it’s not a curse. It’s not something that needs to be fixed and it’s not “just a phase”

High school students are teenagers and as a teenager you ask yourself eternal questions such as “Who am I?” The part of the answer lies in your sexual self, teen years are confusing time.

Hormones, cultural and peer pressures and fear of being different can cause many teens to question themselves in many areas, including their sexual orientation and gender identity. 

During your teen years same sex crushes and sexual experiment are common, this doesn’t mean that your child is a homosexual and for some teens the same sex crushes do not fade instead grow stronger.

As a parent you’re required to love your child unconditionally.Young people who are gay are at risk of being shamed by society, excluded by peers, some get depressed and eventually commit suicide.

Talk openly with your child, always encourage dialogue, be curious about their lives, staying connected with your child brings them closer to you.

Let them know they’re loved, you re the anchor of your child and acceptance is key.

Its 2022 if your child says he or she is queer, rejection,disowning and condemning them with words such as “its unGodly” Doesn’t make them less gay and their DNA doesn’t change, he or she is still your child.

Don’t blame yourself as a parent either.

Your teens mental health is more important than people’s feelings.