Secrets of Growing Natural Hair in a Week

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Home remedies for natural hair growth has been always the target for many ladies. Here are super easiest ways to grow and glow your hair in a week.

Eliminate Stress – I know most of you did know stress contribute to hair losses stay stress free for amazing results.

Massage your hair scalp – This is very simple you just use your fingers for about 10 minutes daily.

Limit heat styling – Blow drying hair weekly will damaged do it once in a month.

Use egg yolk – take 2 cups of water and a half of both egg yolk and Olive oil mix well and apply and leave for about 30 minutes then wash with warm water.

Lemon juice – This works amazingly, squeeze juice into a clean glass then apply and leave for 15 minutes before applying shampoo. It enhance quality hair growth.

Onion juice – This works like lemon but it’s frequently used for thin hair.

Brush gently – Especially when detangling ensure the brush you’re using is soft for smoothening.

Aloe vera – Applying aloe vera help to reduce dandruff and treat the hair loss as well.

Trimming the hair ends – Doing this regularly on the slip ends helps to streghten your hair.

Coconut oil – Applying coconut oil is perfect because it contains fatty acids which penetrates deep and help to open hair follicles.

Green tea – Mostly we ignore this not knowing how it works wonders, using this promote and fasten your hair growth since it contains anti- oxidants.

Fish oil – This has proteins and nutrients which helps in fastening hair growth.

Use a slip pillow case – It helps to absorb moisture from your hair unlike cotton.

These are the best home secret to grow your hair without spending more of your money. Like, comment and follow for more enlightening articles.