“I’m Looking For A Wife Not Twerkers” Erick Omondi Tells His Followers

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If you frequently visit social media pages, you must have come across Erick Omondi at some point.

He is a social media influencer and a comedian who is well grounded to be distracted by naysayers.

Some days ago Erick Omondi posted on his Instagram official page talking about wife materia season three which now has began.

This is after wife material season one was deleted from YouTube after an order from Ezekiel Mutua who was later on Kicked out of office.

Most Kenyans supported Ezekiel Mutua stand on ethics but after all struggles he had to go home.

Some minutes ago Erick has posted on his Instagram official page talking to ladies contesting on who should be selected as a wife material.

According to him he told them that he is in need of a wife material but not a lady who will twerk the best which a dancing method of a lady shaking her behinds in a certain rythm.