How To Prepare Some Delicious Doughnuts for Breakfast

140 150


Ingredients (this recipe gives me 45 large doughnuts)

EXE all purpose four 1000gms )

Sugar to your preffered taste

Prestige Margarine

2table spoons Salt

1tea spoon

Yeast 1table spoon

Eggs 3


I teaspoon Water/milk half a cup


Measure ingredients accurately and put in appropriate containers.

Put flour, sugar, margarine, salt and eggs into a bowl and start mixing

Add yeast, vanilla and then water and mix for 10-15mins

After dough is adequately developed leave it to rest for 10mins

Spread dough onto sheet and shape into desired donut sizes using a donut cutter or an improvised equivalent

The shaped dough is then placed on trays and covered with a clean towel for 30-60 minutes.

Deep fry the doughnuts in cooking oil till golden brown.