Mandla Lamba: The Force Behind Africa’s Push for EVs

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What was previously only a distant dream is now a real possibility for all Africans.

Mandla Lamba was born six years before the end of the apartheid government in South Africa, making it impossible for her to escape the influence of the most-evil political system in human history.

Little did he realize that today he would be the driving force behind an entire industry. He was born into a very poor family and raised in the village shepherding sheep and deeping cows.

Given his age, 37, one might presume that these accomplishments are those of a person twice his father’s age.

Despite the fact that there were years when he went to school barefoot and without food, he believed that poverty was a curse and vowed to end it in his family before choosing to end it in all of Africa. Over time, everything else in his life became secondary to his connection with God.

In 2007, he established Verityhurst, a private equity company that invests in publicly traded companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange/Nasdaq, Australian Stock Exchange, and London Stock Exchange. He created Lamba Corporation in 2005, and that organization would later give birth to Verityhurst.

Verityhurst invests its own money as opposed to doing so on behalf of other clients since it operates on a balance sheet.

The company owns stock in many publicly traded companies, including MTN, Shoprite, and South 32, to mention a few developing into one of Africa’s most renowned financiers over the past 16 years.

Verityhurst offered interest-free loans during COVID-19 to a number of businesses that were traded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in order to assist them in surviving the pandemic’s effects. Verityhurst was the first equity investor to offer millions in interest-free financing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, making him the market leader.

Due to Lamba’s intimate knowledge of the financial markets and his passion for them, the SABC asked him to contribute market analysis to their current affairs show Market Sense.

Lamba foresaw the market collapse and recession for 2020 at this point. He once more anticipated a future market collapse and a double deep depression that would be worse than in 1929.

In addition, he forecast that the US dollar would lose value and that the Brics countries would produce a new currency, with the Chinese yuan serving as a temporary replacement for the US dollar until the Brics countries finished developing their central digital currency, which would be backed by God and originate in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Whether or not his forecasts from 2022 come true will have to be seen.

Today, Agilitee is a major player on the world stage and is credited with starting the green movement in Africa. The business has produced more than 200 green technology, green energy, and artificial intelligence products, including a solar-powered fully electric vehicle.

On September 1, 2022, Agilitee began the process of going public by launching its initial public offering on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Lamba gave 100 million shares, or 10% of Agilitee, out of the company’s total one billion issue share capital, which includes founders’ shares. He is the first billionaire in Africa to give 10% of his wealth to charity.

A variety of startups, including A7 Squared, a battery manufacturer, Greengr8 Car Rental, Africa’s first fully electric car rental company, and Emergen8, Africa’s first fully electric courier and last mile company, have been created by Lamba from Agilitee. The App is set to launch on April 28, 2023.

Through an education group where he chairs the board of directors, he is also the youngest chairman of a listed firm on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, a distinction he attained thanks to Verityhurst’s investment in the business.

Lamba has shown what it means to persevere; despite taking hits from South Africa’s unjust and discriminatory systems, he persisted until the right moment for his ascent. This is the tale of a man who rose from humble beginnings to greatness, boasting about his love for God and his enthusiasm for Africans. In order to decarbonize Africa and create a carbon-free, prosperous continent where the last people become the first and the first become the first, Lamba is currently heading the charge through Agililtee.

“It is my time now, and it is very essential for me to maximize it by encouraging as many people as I can, while also making sure that everything I do brings full glory to my God. I’m from the Kingdom of God, and I only follow my father’s instructions. By 2027, people from all over the world will begin traveling to Africa to appeal to our God because if you are not there, you will feel as though He cannot hear you. God has relocated the center of His kingdom on earth to Africa,” said Lamba

By the end of this year, every region in Africa will have been affected by the rapid transformation that our cause is bringing about.

I serve as living proof that anything is possible in life if you truly devote your life to God for His use. Given that Africa is the foundation of the New World Order, this marks its inception.

The industries that will survive the reset require the revolutionary new technologies and inventions that African inventors must create. The window is closing in 2025, so anyone who begins after that date won’t be able to observe the shift. I sincerely hope that African leaders in industry and government will wake up and realize the time.