Tantalise Your Palate With Piquant Spices This Festive Season

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It’s undoubted that spices warm our plate and our palate. That simmering dish of pilau aromatically invites all of us to the dinner table.

It’s for this reason that Stephen Machua co founded piquant spices.

Meet Stephen Machua Co-founder of Piquant Spices that deals with agroprocessing of food and tea spices. His Products include Tea masala, pilau masala, mixed Spices which are all KEBS certified.

“Our spices are top notch because they are well formulated and geared to boost overall bodily health and well being. We observe highest and stringent levels of hygiene when formulating them. I’m a specimen because I initially I never used to take pilau but now, thanks to Piquant Spices I’m able to enjoy it to the fullest,” said Machua

Mr Machua enumerated several benefits to the health that spices present.

“we hygienically package our spices in 10g satchets for the common Mwananchi. We can be found at Ebrahim Shopping Mall, Moi Avenue 1st Floor Shop F1.”