Sakaja Warned Against Nominating Johos’ Corrupt Chief Officer

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Nairobi County Contractors Association has now warned governor Johnson Sakaja against nominating one Asha Abdi in his cabinet. The associations accused her of running Mombasa into a financial crisis.
Asha has been accused of frustrating Mombasa contractor by not paying them. The county is currently on a 4.2 billion pending bills with huge amount owed to contractors.
She is one of Johos’ foot soldier who held him in looting.Her nomination to any dockect will amount to presence of Joho in Cityhall.
“Very incompetent officer and corrupt … Asha was all over threatening contractors some have never been paid except their companies with Joho.The most affected contractors were those of garbage and roads.Mombasa is filthy I can say..Sakaja must just stop these woman.’’ They told the media.
“We have her record and he can bribe his way but we want to assure Sakaja that this woman will mess him big time a lot of influence from outsiders and the most corrupt.’’ They added.