How to Tell That That Your Lady Colleague Has Feelings for You

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Rather than confronting their feelings for a man and telling him how they feel about him, most women choose to disappoint him instead of confronting him. The reason behind this is that they do not want to be perceived as cheap by the rest of society.

Those who believe we are still in the staging phase are to blame, rather than those who believe we are no longer in that stage phase.

The decision is now in your hands since you will be able to notice these things and communicate your feelings about them. When a lady develops feelings for you, she will behave in the following ways.

1. She appears to be self-conscious in your presence

When you look her in the eyes while you’re talking, her hands become fidgety, she starts playing with her hair or her phone, and she blushes a little bit more.

2. She has a lot of conflicts with you, which isn’t that clear

He will never entirely abandon you, regardless of what happens. She is continually making disrespectful remarks about you, particularly to your face, and it is upsetting. It’s always a battle of wits between the two of you, no matter what. She does this because she is suffering from denial and is doing everything she can to keep her true feelings hidden from others.

3. She contacts you first and often, even if it takes you many days to respond to her SMS

You have piqued her interest, and she is willing to put aside her preconceived notions to participate in a productive dialogue with you.

4. She’s constantly coming up with new reasons to be close to you whenever she has the chance, and she’s creative.

As soon as she is finished with your hair out, she will feel your new haircut and ask you if you are satisfied with it. If she places her hand against yours, she will probably be able to make a comparison between the sizes of her and your hands. According to her, some of her strategies include stealing your hat, taunting you, and, if necessary, fighting with you to hold your attention for a brief period.

5. If you post anything on your Snapchat (or Instagram) story, she will continue to check to see if you have seen it by scrolling down the list of views to see if you have.

Yours is the only name she is familiar with, and she has developed a strong emotional attachment to it throughout her existence.