DStv Business customers benefit from using accredited installers

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Customers purchasing DStv installations for their commercial establishments should always strive for quality of both product and installation services.

Using an accredited installer will make a major difference between enjoying picture quality and minimal interruptions and having to deal with frequent service interruptions due to poor quality installations.

The nature of commercial installations tends to be more complex in nature and at times may be pricy based on the type of preferred installation and it is therefore prudent for customers to opt for professional installations.

DStv Business is tailor made for hotels, guest houses, multi-unit dwellings, serviced apartments, pubs, clubs and offices – installations that require high levels of technical know-how, reliability and a good understanding of the various options available to customers for each of these establishments.

Accredited installers can also advise customers on the best and most affordable tailored packages available from the Work, Stay and Play bouquets.

DStv Business customers who have used accredited installers report better service satisfaction.

DStv Business works with over 500 accredited installers across the country help customers convert their entertainment spaces to profit making areas.

Using un-accredited or self-taught installers for installations in commercial establishments increase the risk of damage to equipment, leads to lack of proper information about the products and often times will cost customers more money as they will end up having to repeat the process due to installation and signal errors.

Our accredited installers and installer contracted companies give one year warranty for all commercial installations. When the installation fails to offer the required picture quality, customers will often call to complain about frequent errors or claim the installer did not perform a proper job.

This is one of the biggest pain points and more so when customers discover that they cannot redeem warranty or trace the installer. This is an unnecessary frustration which can be avoided by using professional technicians.

What should DStv Business customers be looking for from accredited installers?

All accredited installers are validly contracted by MultiChoice Kenya and should present up to date contracts, installer IDs (level 3- and 4-star installers recommended for commercial establishments), installer certificates and should be appropriately branded. Additionally, DStv Business accredited installers always have the right tools and observe the highest safety standards while at work. The accredited installer should also provide the customer with a job card or invoice bearing the installer company and installer name as agreed before the execution of the process.

A customer may also request for an accredited installer to be assigned by the DStv Business Field Services team and has a right to request for technical personnel from MultiChoice to make quality checks on the installation as it on going and after completion. This guarantees that the right personnel will be on site and reduces installation issued on commercial establishments.

The installer should conduct an assessment or survey of the premise before installation and give the customer recommendations on the best installation option available (IPTV, Sat>IP, Xtra view or Coax). He should also provide a quotation and timelines for installation, including a list of equipment that will be used and number of people required for the installation.

Altogether, using an accredited installer presents the best long-term options for commercial customers in terms of professionalism of service, safety and security of their premises, high quality installations and best picture quality.

Book an accredited installer or make inquiries about installations via the DStv Business contact centre by calling +254711066550 every day from 8am to midnight or sending in your query via the email address kenyadstvbusiness@ke.multichoie.com.

Customers also have an option of filling the contact form which can be accessed through the link https://www.dstv.com/business/en-ke/.