DStv Business adjusts subscription prices

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Commercial customers on the DStv Business packages will now pay new traffic beginning September 1, 2022. MultiChoice Kenya revised the subscription prices for all its DStv packages in a notice sent to customers on August 1, and will also apply to the commercial DStv Business Work, Play and Stay packages.

DStv Business customers will pay the following monthly subscription rates from September 1.

DStv Business PackageCurrent PriceNew Price
Stay Ultra2 4002 550
Stay Essential1 8001 920
Stay Basic1 1001 180
DStv Business Asia add-on350375
DStv Business European add-on350375
DStv Business French add-on350375
Play Ultra11 10011 900
Play Essential7 1007 600
Play Basic4 1004 400
XtraView2 2502 400
Work Ultra4 2004 500
Work Essential1 4001 500

Recently revamped in July 2021, DStv Business launched new value packages that are now packed with genre specific content that serves businesses and its patrons and connects commercial establishments to profits prompting increased uptake of the commercial packages over the past 12 months.

The company in a message to customers acknowledged that their Kenyan businesses remain under extreme pressure and the marginal increase is only as a result of inflation across the African continent.

Despite the increase DStv still promises to offer the most competitive pay-tv offering and great value even while making these adjustments. DStv Business customers can also expect new channels including Movie Room, Smart 24 TV and News Central that will further bolster the work and stay packages offering more news and movies.

DStv Business also announced recent improvement to the experience for its Work, Play and Stay customers with the addition of XtraView that allows establishments to have three DStv decoders with the same number of channels at the cost of just a single monthly subscription.

Customers will only be required to pay the Xtraview access fee. All three decoders can be operated independently to offer customers the maximum amount of choice, no matter what their tastes are.

DStv Business will also launch an online self-service portal later in the year for its customers aimed at delivering a better customer experience where customers will be able to pay and manage their DStv business accounts on the DStv website instead of having to go to a branch or calling the call centre.