1000 S. Africans to Benefit from Mandla Lamba Foundation’s Free Electric Scooters

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Electric Vehicles manufacturer, Agilitee is set to give away electric scooters to the less privileged youths and school going children to alleviate poverty.

Visionary and fast rising entrepreneur  Agilitee founder Mandla Lamba who grew in very poor village where he walked 30 kilometres barefooted to school could not hold his tears as he announces the initiative on his Facebook page to help school going kids with electric scooters to help them navigate the long distances.

Lamba lamented a system in Africa where the affluent in society keeps getting richer while turning a blind eye on the suffering masses.

As such he is on a mission to undo the previous skewed system where the rich do not tag  the poor to the top.

The initiative dubbed African Children’s Restoration Project is being done in with the Mandla Lamba Foundation and A7 Squared.

Already he has given away $2 billion worth of his shares in Agilitee.

“Every brilliant people in South Africa cannot make it because funding has a colour in South Africa as it looks at who is your father and who are you affiliated to,”Lamba said.

“Beginning the end of next month I will be donating to the young people between 18 and 30 in the villages, townships to a total of a 1000 South Africans. This is for South Africa for now. We are opening this opportunity every young person who does  not have a job and has been hustling trying to get a living. If you can be to find a deal to do deliveries through scooters ,you can get in touch with us. Iam donating a total of 1000 of electric  Agilitee scooters LoadEx. These are at a value of 52 million rands. For you to qualify you must come from a poor family ,unemployed and pushing for business.”

Lamba is also extending an olive branch to children in the rural areas with 500 scooters to help them travel to school without much hurdles.

“We doing the same for young kids, I grew up in a poor village I used to walk 30 kms with no shoes to school in winter. It was bad .You go to school you hungry, no shoes. We have been through the worst. I have decided to do donation for children in villages. We will start in villages and we going to give 5000 scooters. There are children who cross rivers to go to school. Young kids who do this everyday. We will start with 12-14 age groups. They will not need a scooter license to drive them. Poverty is painful we don’t wish anyone to experience it,” he said.

He said this is a first step of great donations to come as the Agilitee will be taking 2% from every sale to contribute to the poor.

“Every time God blesses you tag one. Every time you move to first step tag people and when you move to the second step tag more eventually we are all there. That is the society I want to live in. I don’t want to live in a society of evil and cruel people,” he said.

He took a swipe at big corporate executives who despite earning a lot can not give back to the community to help the needy.

“I am seeing people providing motivations asking people to pay for that and yet they earn 600 00 rands per month. Those people can’t even buy shoes or groceries for the underprivileged. They can not commit 2000 rands a month to help the poor. I will never hire a CEO like that. You can be a great CEO but the moment we realise you are not committed to society, you will never work for us,” he said.