NACHU director in yet another Land scandle

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Real Estate firm NACHU has been accused of acquiring a land without title deed in Sasini and carrying out activities from unsuspecting clients.

This is the second time the firm is finding itself in trouble after the CEO John Mbugua Ndichu was arrested after failing to appear in court to answer the charges of carrying out developments without permission.

The company is now being accused of carrying out what could be suspected as Money laundering.

In the charge sheet before the court, Mbugua was accused of carrying out land subdivision as an agent of Riverline ridges without development permission from the county government of Kiambu.
He is alleged to have committed the offense on May 17 at around 1600hrs at the Mugotha area in Juja.

Cases of Money Laundering have now been rampant and the president has promised to ensure it is done away with.

Kenyans have been accused of creating fake email accounts which they use to hack credit cards of innocent persons, especially those living in foreign countries, and use them to buy bitcoins which are then converted to Kenyan currency and buy property with in Kenya.