The dare devils who hit it raw

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Women have often been told that what they have between their legs is their most valuable possession. This is why women think that sex can keep a man.

While this could be the way to a man’s heart, and not the stomach, I would advocate for caution. 

I know of many women who know that their men are cheating, yet they sleep with them in a bid to outsex the other woman. They only realise their folly when they go for a gynaecology visit only to be told that they are pregnant and HIV positive.

While being HIV positive or pregnant by a cheating man is not the worst thing that could happen to you, there is no good reason to tempt fate.

Isn’t it better to have safe sex instead? I mean, I am not going to tell you guys to abstain. For some of you, that is tantamount to telling you to live without food. Simply unimaginable!

So, if you are eating anyone in this city raw, you have a death wish. You should not wear a seatbelt when driving. You should not obey any traffic regulations.

Run all the red lights and at 180km/hr. What is a speed limit for anyway? You should cross the road without looking left or right. What is an accident to a lucky woman like you? You have played against the odds of getting a cocktail of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and won, right?

If you are hitting it raw in this city where everyone has 20 lovers, you should probably sit on public toilet seats without flinching.

Chances of you knowing who has been in that public toilet are higher than finding out where your mate’s ding dong has been. 

But you will still continue having raw sex with strangers anyway. You will also have raw sex with your partner whom you suspect of cheating since his love is more important than being healthy and alive.

You might even try and give it to him right before he goes out in a bid to tire him out so he has no gas left for your competition. 

Dear sister of the clown community, the joke is on you. He will cheat anyway. And you will pay for his sins by contracting something nasty.

If you are lucky, he will take you to hospital and apologise, promising never to do it again. If you are unlucky, he will gaslight you and say that you are the one who brought the STD into his hallowed home.

A diatribe will follow on how he cannot believe that his wife or girlfriend is so wayward. You will apologise and beg him to take you back? And then you will give it to him raw as an apology.