DSTV Looking to Reduce Illegal Streaming and Connections

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Piracy is a global menace that has robbed creatives of their rightful reward to their work.

For entertainment content broadcasters, intellectual property owners and media in Africa, piracy remains one of the biggest conduits for revenue leaks.

Illegal streaming and cable piracy are the major contributors of piracy on the continent. Kenya is one of the world’s leading consumers of pirated content, mostly perpetrated through cable piracy and signal splitting, a menace that adversely affected satellite and cable TV providers in the country.

Businesses are required to have packages that are tailor made to curb both illegal cable and online piracy. DStv Business has over the years improved its offering to commercial establishments to ensure they get the best variety of entertainment while offering their customers the right content as per the content classification requirements without having business owners worry about illegal connections.

DStv Business has three packages namely Work, Play and Stay which as tailor made to offer commercial establishments. The Work package is best suited for offices, restricted viewing areas and military offices and offers sports and news channels that deliver the latest headlines from across the globe in two distinct categories: DStv Work Essential and DStv Work Ultra, which are affordably priced to suit large or small offices.

The play package is curated for use in restaurants, bars and club and is tailored to keep patrons entertained for hours with their favorite premium sports content, documentaries, local, music, religious channels and more. This package gives you a choice between DStv Play Basic, DStv Play Essential and DStv Play Ultra.

DStv Business Stay package is designed to offer the best guest viewing experience for a memorable in-room experience at hotels, guest houses multi-unit dwellings and lodges. With this package, you can choose between DStv Stay Basic, DStv Stay Essential and DStv Stay Ultra which as suitably priced for the various hotel sizes.

The Work, Stay and Play packages are tailored for public viewing areas that are required to comply to the SVL (Sex, Violence, Language) censorship requirements. The DStv Business packages are already approved by for public viewing hence giving commercial establishments the peace of mind they need when offering entertainment to their patrons at the different outlets. 

Having the right content in commercial establishments addresses the piracy question by ensuring that revenue leaks for leading entertainment content broadcasters, intellectual property owners are avoided, and the funds paid for viewing rights get into the right hands. While there are a range of apps and softwares available where both individuals and commercial establishments can access content illegally, the ripple effect has been estimated by the US Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Centre to be a loss of $71Billion to the global creative industry every year. The loss emanates from the lack of payment of license fees owed to the creators, license holders, and distributors of content and has detrimental effects on the sustainability of the creative sector.

Piracy is a criminal activity in many countries across the world, and Kenya is no exception – both as an intentional or unintentional crime. Piracy has adverse negative effects on the economy of the country and on the ability of the local creative professionals and content distributors to earn a living. By extension, it harms investor confidence and tax revenues, and impacts trade opportunities in countries where intellectual property rights are not respected.

Commercial establishments are encouraged to sign up to content aggregators who carry content legally and are licensed to offer the content in the markets in which they operate. This saves the business from infringement, hardware-related crimes such as illegal connections (cable piracy), frequent disconnection of illegal streaming IP links as well as severe punishment that includes business raids, fines and imprisonment.

DStv Business is currently the leading aggregator of superior local and international entertainment that connects businesses to profits by making them the preferred destinations for their patrons.