How Sex Workers Have Advanced Tactics To Get Customers

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Many twilight ladies who stay in the streets to get some money always have a reason for choosing that kind of illegal activity and apparently, the biggest reason is because of poverty.

When you talk to many, they’ll say that the fact that there are no jobs, they choose to risk their lives so long as they get school fees money for their children and cater for other basic needs.

 A local daily ‘The Star’ did an interview with some ladies who have involved themselves in this business and they had a lot to say about challenges of being in the streets at night. Rose( not her real name) said that police officers are their biggest enemies in this business since they always aim at arresting and collecting bribe from them.

 She also said that currently, in the market, competition has been so high and at some point you might fail to get clients or if you get one, the charges are less due to high population of people doing the same business.

She said that nowadays many prefer to use online apps to get customers because it is easy to manage your online clients rather than coming to town not knowing if you’ll get a client or not. Rose said ever since they discovered they can run business online, it has become so easy to manage everything.