Agilitee XPress Looking to Revolutionise the E mobility Landscape in South Africa

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GREENTECH Giant Agilitee is starting the roll out of its Franchise Dealerships known as Agilitee XPress which sell electric scooters and electric cars.

The Green Revolution Pioneer is opening the dealership on the first of December 2022 in Cape Town and the store will also house the battery swapping infrastructure for electric two and three wheelers and the charging station for all electric vehicle brands.

Agilitee will install both the swapping station for electric scooters and the charging station for cars at  the dealership. The charging system is Agilitee first four-wheeler charger that is called PowaBoost 7 which can charge other brands like Audi, BMW, Tesla and Jaguar just to name a few.

The system is the fastest in Africa as it can fully charge a car from 7 to 15 minutes.

Commenting on this great milestone is the founder and CEO of Agilitee, Dr. Mandla Lamba, said was excited that the dealership was realised after a consortium of women put their heads together.

“It is indeed exciting to finally roll out our very first dealership in South Africa and for me what makes me even happier is the fact that it is a franchise that is owned by a group of hard working women who today have their own business and will create jobs for others and help to uplift the economy. These women came together and formed a consortium that bought the franchise from Agilitee. Now this is proof that women will lead in the New World System as this is the first  EV dealership by a local brand and is majority owned by women,” Lamba said.

Plans are afoot to open other two dealerships in Sandton and Fourways in Johannesburg this December.

“We thank God for being faithful enough to help us fulfill the promises we made to our people,” Lamba said.

Agilitee, advised by AcaciaCap Advisors is currently conducting an IPO that will see its shares listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in few months.