You Can Now Enjoy Your Favorite TV Shows Safely for Longer with the LG OLED TV

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My nephew only eats his food if Coco Melon is playing on the TV. At times he is so fussy and only some TV time settles him. His mum worries about his eye health because too much screen time can’t be good for him.

This Christmas, I am going to gift them the LG OLED TV.

Here is why;

1.       Low Blue Light – Exposure to large amounts of harmful blue light for a long time may lead to sleep disturbance and retinal damage, with children especially vulnerable since their irises are underdeveloped. The LG OLED displays have been found to emit less blue light than the LED displays hence safer to watch.

2.       Flicker-Free – Unlike the LED TV which features a backlight that blinks to control brightness, the OLED TV has no backlight and is as such flicker-free, hence less stress on your eyes.

3.       Discomfort Glare-Free – LG OLED panels are the first of their kind to be verified as discomfort glare-free by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), with the tests verifying that OLED panels produce moderate luminance in all conditions. Discomfort glare occurs when there is a big difference between the lighting of the surrounding environment and the light given off by a display.

4.       Certified Eco Product– LG OLED TVs are produced without backlights and with fewer components because they have self-lit pixels. The TV sets and panels are Cadmium and Indium Phosphide free and minimal flame retardants are used in plastic components. When in use, they emit less indoor air pollution because they have fewer toxic substances. After disposal, LG OLED TVs have a high recycling rate.

5.       Variety – The LG OLED TV comes in four variations.

G1: If you are big on the cohesion of your home appliances with your general home aesthetic then you want to get this 4K OLED Evo TV which lets you enjoy pristine picture quality every time you watch, accentuated by her stunning flush-fit wall-mount gallery design. She is the only one of the OLED TV ranges to feature hands-free voice control and boasts AI Sound Pro and AI Picture Pro features.

C1: She is the ideal TV for movies and gaming and comes in a variety of sizes with four HDMI 2.1 ports, G-Sync and Free Sync compatibility. She boasts AI Sound Pro and AI Picture Pro features and is hailed to be the most chosen OLED TV.

B1: She is a Brilliant all-around OLED TV with great value that boasts 100% color fidelity and volume. Like all OLED TV variations, she supports Google Assistant, Alexa and Airplay. She has two HDMI 2.1 ports and 2 HDMI 2.0 ports, G-Sync and Free Sync compatibility.

A1: This is an entry-level OLED TV that is accessible for everyone and lets you enjoy pristine picture quality with reduced blue light, flicker-free and glare-free qualities. It comes in a variety of sizes with an array of exceptional features to fit everyone’s needs within a reasonable budget.