Sakaja Drama Continues as Kenya Kwanza Youth Alliance Defend Senator

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President of Kenya Kwanza Youth Alliance Samuel Masaki has castigated the weaponizing of the Commission for University Education that disqualified Johnson Sakaja from vying.

Masaki in a press conference questioned why the watchdog had not raised the red flag when Sakaja was a nominated MP and consequently a Senator.

He pointed out that this is witch-hunt of the highest level.

“Whether it’s the courts we will go there, whether it’s in the streets we shall go there and if it’s also necessary we shall seek justice from the international front.,” Mr Masaki added.

He said this is just a scheme to lock out Sakaja since the Deep State is aware he will win with a resounding victory on 9th August.

On Wednesday the Commission for University Education (CUE) revoked the recognition of Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja’s bachelor’s degree from Team University in Uganda.

The commission says the move will allow its officers to investigate the validity of the lawmaker’s degree on the back of increased scrutiny into his academic qualifications.