Why Men Stop Communicating.

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By Michelle Anzaya

More often than not, we ladies have found ourselves in “situationships” where we eventually end up dating ourselves. This happens despite the fact that it starts up as what should be a relationship.

The first question that automatically pops up in one’s mind after being ghosted is “what did I do wrong?” Well, here are some reasons why that seemingly romantic guy you recently met just went mute and vanished from you fairy tale world.

Let’s face it; some times we judge a book by its cover. So probably when you first met, the guy had a certain perspective of you but a few days in, he realizes his reading of you was inaccurate. Either he over estimated or under estimated you. Soon after he realizes this he opts out and what better way to do this than to just go silent.

Another reason why men stop communicating is because of achieved self gratification. Unfair as it is, some men pursure women to boost their ego. In other words, for fun. In such a case the woman in question is viewed as a “trophy” by the man and once she has fallen for him, he leaves since his target ha been achieved and there’s nothing more to chase after.

As much as all these reasons may seem quite unfair, the good news is that the ladies don’t always have to e the victims. Sometimes its entirely the man’s fault. Quite a sigh of relief, ain’t it? A man might choose to go silent and stop communicating if he is battling his own fears and insecurities or going through other things which he may not be in a position to share. Today’s society has portrayed me as strong creatures who should not crack under pressure. This in puts them in a socially awkward position when it comes to opening up and sharing their problems especially with women because they are viewed as “lesser”.