More Tips on How to Date Kenyan Women 

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In our continuing series we give you more insights on what Kenyan women want when you’re dating

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Whether you want to grow with your Kenyan girlfriend to make her your wife, or you want to date a lady from Kenya for the very first time, or maybe you have a crush on a kenyan girl and you want to shoot your shot. This post is made just for you.

Here are excellent tips on how you can date and girl from Kenya and keep her forever.

Tips that will help know the Dos and the Don’ts of dating a kenyan girl.

6: Text Or Call Her First

Nothing makes a kenyan girl feel special than a guy who keeps on checking on her. It’s the best thing, trust me.

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Don’t let your ego fool you, when it comes to dating a kenyan girl, your ego should be nowhere near you. Do not let your ego or pride get the best of you.

Your relationship matters, so does your beautiful girl. When you have a chance, text her or call her if it’s convenient.

Send her good morning texts and good night texts especially when you haven’t seen her for a while.

Always remember NOT to overdo it. Be patient and wait for replys before you can send another text message, maybe she is busy or not near her phone at the moment, and that’s why she hasn’t replied back to you just yet.

If you keep on flooding her phone with text messages and unanswered calls, you will come out as a greedy dude. And that’s the last thing you want a kenyan woman to take as an assumption of you.

7: Take Her Out Frequently

Kenyan women love to enjoy themselves, she will definitely prefer to watch her latest favorite movie at the theater rather than on Netflix at home.

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Take her out every time you both have a chance, and put having fan as a priority.

Wanna make a kenyan girl have fun? Don’t take her at the local pub, it’s boring.

Do something or go places both of you have never tried or been able to visit before. It doesn’t have to be a place you will spend all your salary on, No, just a nice place both of you can have some fun.

Spending a lot of time together increases the bond of your relationship. And when the bond is so strong, nothing can separate her from you.

Try something like, comedy show, a whisky tasting class, Nyama Choma date night, Game Park, Road Trips, anything awesome that you can think of is a good idea, just remember that in whatever it is you do, have some fun.

8: Remember The Small Things

This one is a huge one even though we are talking about small things.

Remember what she told you the first time you guys met, and later tell her about it so she knows you actually listened to her.

Kenyan women will appreciate a man who listens and remembers what they say, especially the little small things, that probably no one would remember, that’s what you should hold on to. (the small details).

When she tells you she likes when a guy opens the door for her, never forget that, when she tells you that she loves small surprises, that’s your key to her heart, don’t lose it.

Anything that can be taken for granted during a conversation, try take it seriously, but of course we are meant to forget, and you might never remember everything she said months ago, but put some effort in it. Write it down if you have to.

9: Make eye contact

Eyes are powerful. They say eyes don’t lie. That’s true.

Making eye contact with a girl is special, if you happen to be the shy type, try working to fix that, so that the next time you meet with her, you can look straight into her eyes and say something special, it will make her feel like the queen of the universe, which she is, to you, with no doubt.

Other than that, eye contact also builds a bond between yourself and your date. Which as well shows that you are giving them your full attention. A key factor in dating a kenyan girl.

10: Don’t Rush Things

Take everything step by step…

When it comes to dating a kenyan woman, it’s quality over quantity.

And by this, I mean, you need to take everything slow but sure, Don’t try to rush things, especially things that shouldn’t be rushed at all in the first place.

Successfully being in a relationship with a kenyan woman depends on how fast you want things to be done, how fast you take things and how fast you expect certain things to happen. The trick is: the slower the better.

There is a saying that goes, Take It Slow So We Can Last Long

Love is a process, it does not just happen, it takes time to build a trust worthy relationship, a relationship that can grow into something bigger and better.

So be patient with her and life will reward you the best way it possibly can.

11: Be God fearing

Last but not least, it has been proven that Kenyan women prefer dating God fearing men over non God fearing men.

She believes that you will be the happiest couples when God is in your midst, make her feel secure, loved and appreciated by letting her know that you trust and believe in God.

She will trust you even quicker if she knows that you are a God fearing person.

God is love, so she will be sure you will love her unconditionally if you already have God inside you.

But this is not something you should fake, going to church every Sunday doesn’t prove how much you are a God fearing person, let her know the truth from your heart, trust me she will love you for that. Because at the end of the day, She’s Kenyan.

Those are 10 things to always keep in mind when dating or thinking of starting a relationship with a kenyan girl.

You are a lucky man if you have a kenyan woman in your life. Don’t take that for granted. Take care of her.